My Malibu (dearly departed)

I owned this Malibu for about 5 years, but it's now found a new home.  I put a lot of time and money into this Malibu, and enjoyed every minute of it.  

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I bought this car in completely stock form in 1997, other than the Torch Red paint, which was done by the guy I bought it from. The guy I bought it from had it since 1982, which was given to him by his Mother-in-law (original owner). When I bought this car it had an anemic 267 ci V8, and TH350. These were pulled and sold for money to spend on a worthwhile engine, a 454 Big Block. NO REPLACEMENT FOR DISPLACEMENT is my motto.  So here's the goods:

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NEW BEST ET'S!  (3/15/2002)


Best 1/8 Mile (motor only): [email protected] MPH
Best 1/8 Mile (with 200HP nitrous): 
[email protected] MPH
Best 1/4 Mile (motor only):  [email protected] MPH 
Best 1/4 Mile (nitrous):  Haven't run 1/4 nitrous pass yet.
Best 60 foot:  1.518


The engine is a 2 bolt main block +.030 from a 74 pickup
Stock cast crank
Stock rods using 3/8" ARP rod bolts
Block Decked .005"
Speed Pro (7060P) forged pistons with .095" dome (same as TRW L2399F),
Heads are '75 oval port (casting #781), that I port matched and did a bowl blend myself, shaved to 110 cc to give me 9.6:1 CR, and solid bronze valve guides inserted and Manley 2.19/1.88 stainless valves
Crane Energizer roller rocker arms
Cam Motion custom solid "street" roller camshaft, 250/255 [email protected]", .642"/.645" Lift

Comp Cams solid roller lifters 
K-Motion Valve Springs 
K-Motion Chromoly Retainers 
Victor Jr intake (port matched)
Barry Grant Silver Claw 750. Flows 933 CFM
Holley Blue pump - for carb
Holley Blue pump - for nitrous system
Performance Distributors "Race" HEI distributor
MSD Multi-Step Retard
NOS Cheater nitrous plate system


Hooker Super Comps with 2" primaries with 3 1/2" collectors ceramic coated by Airborn Coatings.    3" exhaust pipes into 2 chamber 3" Flowmasters turned down at the rear axle.



A TH400, Modified with a TCI reverse full manual valve body, rebuild kit, and a B&M Holeshot 3000 torque converter. Factory 
"deep" pan with drain plug.  I use a B&M Pro-Ratchet to shift gears.  Custom Built 3 1/2" steel driveshaft built by Huntsville Driveshaft with 1330 and 1350 Spicer u-joints.  G-Force transmission crossmember


I have a Moser "bolt-in" 9 inch Ford rear with Moser 31 spline axles, a 31 spline Detroit Locker with 3.89 gears, The only suspension mods I have made are; Moroso rear trick springs, Energy Suspension polyurethane bushings, and homebuilt (by Dave V.) square tubular lower and adjustable upper control arms with lowly Gabriel Red Ryder gas shocks.   I also run Airlift air bags (not pictured), about 10 psi drivers side and 20 psi passenger side. 


I run Competition Engineering adjustable (set at 90/10) shocks on the front, with the stock small block coil springs. I removed the anti-sway bar. Obviously, this car is not much of a corner carver.


Whew!  That's tight!

M/T ET Street 28X12.50" tires on 15X8" with 3.5" backspacing Weld Draglites at the dragstrip.  165/80/15's radials on 15X3.5 Weld draglites on the front.

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The car is a 1979 Malibu Classic Landau. The guy I bought it from had already removed the vinyl landau top. It was originally a "turd" brown color. It is now '93 Lumina Torch Red, painted by the previous owner. He owned a body shop and did a first class job on the paint job (since it was his own car). The body is all steel except for the fiberglass hood. It is a 3.5" cowl from U.S. Body Source in Hampton, FL. The car weighs in at 3375 lbs without the driver or 3575 lbs with me in it (you do the math).


The interior is mostly stock. I tossed the factory bench seat, and used '90 Cavalier front bucket seats, Stock back seat, all covered in tan colored tweed. Yes, I kept the back seat installed!  I installed RCI 5-point seatbelts on both the driver and passenger side.  The factory door panels had to be tossed, the molded plastic armrest hit the door bars on the 6-point roll bar I installed. I had the upholstry shop make flat tweed door panels.  I installed door pull handles from a Nissan Sentra.  New carpet was installed, it is "Mocha" color.  I installed a 6 point rollbar.  I made every effort to keep the roll bar inconspicuous as possible. I have Autometer oil and temp gauges installed in an aluminum panel I made, and inserted where the center factory A/C vent was located. I have an Autometer monster tach with shift lite on the steering column.   And, for safety, I have a fire extinguisher installed between the passenger and driver front seats.