Malibu/Gbody TECH

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NEW Articles!!

Moog Coil Spring Table - Cross-reference tables of Moog front and rear coil springs.
Instrument Cluster swap - Swap from idiot light cluster to gauges cluster.
Tremec TKO600 Installation - Thread on the forums, following a TK600 Installation.

12 bolt vs. Ford 9" rear end comparison by Chevy High Performance
7.5" and  8.5" 10 bolt rearend - How to tell the difference (picutures)
Aluminum Core Support  - Info and pictures for an aluminum support
Automatic Tranny Guide - Specifications and how-to ID most all GM auto transmissions.
BBC In Your G-Body Page - Info on big block chevy into your G-body.
BBC Serpentine Conversion Cheap serpentine belt conversion by Matt
Brake Upgrade - Article on 12" disc brake upgrade
Bucket Seat Installation on Perry's Malibu North site.
Build 10 sec car on a budget - Patrick Budd's article 
Canadian Classic Chevelle & Beaumonts Page. - VIN and option codes.
Coil Spring Cross-Reference Moog Coil Spring specs for Malibu, courtesy of Jeff Davidson
Crossmember Mod. Page - How to mod your stock crossmember for dual exhaust.
Ford 9" Info - Everything you want to know but was afraid to ask (I did not write this!)...
Ford 9" rear swap  Perry shows how to correctly install a Ford 9" in his 'Bu.
G-Body.org Site for A/G body 
G-body Tire/Wheel Fitment
  - How big can you go?
Head Flow Database - Chevy High Performance Flow numbers for Chevy heads.
Line Lock Installation instructions
LS1/T56 Swap page - John Bzdel's Monte SS, Great info!
Malibu vs. Monte Carlo Gauge Cluster Wiring - Helpful if swapping to Dash Cluster
Manual Brake Block-Off Plate template - CAD template in PDF format
Manual Brake Conversion - How to convert to manual brakes.
Monte Carlo SS Site Tech Page  TONS of tech links!
Mortec, Inc. Great information site!  Casting #'s, engine specs, engine formula's, etc.
Nitrous Jet Map  pill sizes for different HP ratings
Notch your frame rails for more tire clearance - How-to article
Oval Port vs. Rect. Port - BBC cylinder head info. 
Ray Buck's Chevy Asylum - Excellent Tech section
Rear Axle Code Page
  - Find out what gears and if you have Posi.
Rearend Swap Tech Page - Info on other rearend swaps.
South Side Machine Installation Instructions - For #1328 kit (should apply to others)
Speedometer Gear selection - What color/how many teeth to correct speedo error.
Speedometer Gear selection - Another speedo correction tech page
Starter Solenoid Mod - Installing a Ford remote solenoid
T5 Transmission  into a 78-88 A/G Body by Marc Hichens
T5 Transmission  into the Monte Carlo SS by J. Matthew Daugher
T56 six speed in a G-body Thanks to Craig AKA 388BU
Transmission ID  How to ID transmission by the pan
Transmission Swap Page  - What will fit and how to do it.
Tuned Port Injection swap - How to convert to TPI
Wiring Diagrams - wiring diagrams for Malibu