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This the "mostly" completed interior. From this side you can see the instrument panel I fabricated and installed in the place of the factory A/C center vent. Who needs Air Conditioning??? You can't see the fire extinguisher behind the shifter, you never know!! As you can see the interior is totally stock appearing. Well, minus the roll bar, 5 point harnesses, B&M Pro-Ratchet shifter, and OH NEVER MIND! He He. Let me restate that, it has the FULL interior. Not too stealthy, huh? I wanted it to be legal at any track I ran at, so some compromises had to be made....
Here you see the B&M ProRatchet shifter, and a couple of safety goodies. If you'll notice, there is a switch located on the shifter knob. Nope, it's not nitrous (yet). It's the switch for my line lock. Makes burnouts much easier! The fire extinguisher has already saved this car once. I had a backfire and small fire at Huntsville Dragway. Luckily, I had the fire extinguisher, and put out the fire before any real damage was done. I'd highly recommend one in everyone's car! Since the factory gauges just won't cut it, I mounted these in the location of the factory A/C vent location. Also, to the left you'll see a small red switch, this is the manual over-ride switch for the electric fans. I have a thermostatic switch that automatically cuts them on, but use this switch when cruising in stop and go traffic and during every pass on the dragstrip. Please overlook my cracked dash, I'm working on getting another as soon as possible!
Hey, where's the tachometer on this thing? Not much of a really good place to mount one of these, but I used the standard steering column mounting. I don't need to see the speedometer, it only goes to 85, anyway ;-). Really, the monster gauge isn't necessary, since I shift by using the shift light. Also, you can see the Grant GT Signature Series steering wheel. A BIG improvement over the factory gummy steering wheel. Here's the front view. It's got a pretty good stance now, in my opinion. A little lower than stock, but not too low. As a matter of fact, if it was any lower, I would have trouble loading it onto the trailer (when I have to tow long distances).
Side view, the car sits level now with the addition of the Moroso Trick rear springs. They lowered the rear by at about 2 inches. Made a tight fit for the tires, but it looks great now with that low stance. This shot was taken Saturday, Oct. 30, 1999 after a Friday night Test-n-Tune session at Huntsville Dragway.  That explains the numbers on the windows.  For some reason, the front end looks like it is sitting high here, but it has a nice rake to it.
nose_240.jpg (7902 bytes)
Nose shot.  Shot of the rearend.  You can see in this shot how the car has a slight rake to it.  It's wierd how the shot above looks like the front end is sitting high.....

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